A New Era in Prescription Adherence Starts Here

A New Era in Prescription Adherence Starts Here

Traditional prescription adherence measures have been around for two to three decades.  These programs’ ability to drive patient compliance are well understood – both in their effectiveness and their limitations.

Cost reduction programs such as a copay waiver or a copay card; clinical and trend management programs; and mandatory benefit designs all aim to improve adherence.  But the effectiveness of these commonly applied measures has limits. Let’s take a look at the typical path a patient population follows when a new prescription is written.

Here’s what we’ve learned: 

  • 12% of the prescriptions are never filled
  • Of those patients who did fill their prescription, only three-fourths of them actually take the medicine
  • Of patients that filled the first prescription and took it, less than 50% refill

In addition, we know that compliance rates drop after 90 days and 50% abandon therapy after one year. Amazingly, even health professionals only take 80% of their medications.  Despite years of data and experience, traditional compliance measures leave significant adherence gaps.  These gaps relate to patient behaviors outside of what we have put in place as traditional controls.

At UBC and our parent company, Express Scripts, we look at these gaps as opportunities.  Opportunities to further understand patients and what drives their decision making in healthcare.   You see, numbers tell a story.  And, Express Scripts has the numbers and the insight that come with providing pharmaceutical benefits to 100 million members. 

What we’ve learned from our data starts here, but it ends with improved adherence programs -- adherence programs that support your product goals and improve patient outcomes. 

If you’re interested in learning more, please join us for our Nursing and Adherence Webcast, Wednesday, May 8, at 11 a.m. EDT.  Register now to attend the live webcast or to receive a reminder when the event is archived and available for on-demand viewing.