In the News: Specialty Drugs Fill 2017 Pipeline

Specialty Drugs Fill 2017 Pipeline

In the News: Specialty Drugs Fill 2017 Pipeline

New therapies to treat inflammatory conditions, multiple sclerosis, and cancer are among the products highlighted in Express Scripts’ Specialty Pipeline report. In 2016, specialty drugs made up 71% of the 24 drugs approved by the FDA last year. That trend is expected to continue, with specialty drugs, including therapies for orphan diseases, dominating the 2017 pipeline.

To better serve our clients, UBC works closely with Express Scripts to monitor specialty pipeline reports and other drug pipeline updates. Leveraging this industry insight, we can anticipate market shifts and the needs of manufacturers, prescribers, and patients.

Whether we’re working with sponsors to manage global clinical trials and risk management and pharmacovigilance programs or providing patient access and engagement services, we’re focused on the needs of our clients and the information needed to make informed decisions that optimize patient care.

Read the latest on the 2017 Specialty Drug Pipeline.  And, contact us to learn more about UBC services that span the full product lifecycle, from clinical development through commercialization.