Nurses: Bringing Trust and Compassion to Your Brand

Nurses: Bringing Trust and Compassion to Your Brand

In a recently published study, Americans were asked to give job holders ratings based on warmth and competence. Outpacing all other professions, nurses were ranked as the most trustworthy and most capable. These results echo survey findings we’ve previously shared and bolster the case for employing exceptional nurses to support patients throughout the treatment journey. Nurses can easily build rapport with patients, allowing them to elicit information and quickly assess potential non-adherence risks.

Our manufacturer partners conduct their own surveys to ensure patients in our programs receive only the highest quality nursing care. Here is what some patients recently said about UBC clinicians:

“Nurse Lorraine assisted me in setting up my account with the program. She was very patient while I gathered all of the necessary materials to provide the information needed. I was comforted with her professional manner while she reviewed how to administer my medication and what to watch for in terms of unwanted side effects. She answered all of my questions clearly and with much detail. I now feel more confident about my choice to continue with this course of treatment, as I know that there is someone I can call to assist me with any concerns I may have.”

“I would very much love to comment on the magnificent professionalism of the nurse I spoke with. She handled my situation in such a professional way & she treated me with the utmost kindness & compassion. I truly appreciate her being there for me & helping me the way she did. I felt bad but she took the time to lift me up out of my sorrowful state of mind that I was in.”

“The nurse was informative, concerned and compassionate. I was more than satisfied with the level of support. It is comforting to know that there are still companies that truly care about people in today's world. Thank you so very much!”

If your patients aren’t offering this kind of praise for your program’s nurses, contact us to discuss how to put UBC clinicians to work for you.