Nurses: They’re Not Just in Hospitals Anymore

Nurses: They’re Not Just in Hospitals Anymore

In the age of modernized medicine, patients were primarily limited to two sites of care: the physician’s office or the hospital. However, since 1965 when Medicare first included home health nursing as a benefit, nurses provide care in patients’ homes as well as in a variety of other locations, including: 

  • Urgent care clinics
  • Outpatient infusion centers
  • Retail health clinics
  • Retail pharmacies 

Nurses also provide education and adherence services to patients by telephone through contact centers. 

Some of the factors that have necessitated the emergence of alternate sites of care are the following: 

  • Number of specialized drugs increasing
  • Rising costs of healthcare and lower/stricter Medicare reimbursements
  • Convenience
  • Cost to employers
  • Compliance  

Now more than ever, pharmaceutical manufacturers rely on nurses, in many roles and locations, to increase patient education and interact with prescribers in order to maximize therapy adherence.  

And, now more than ever, UBC’s Nursing & Adherence services can provide the support manufacturers need for their products and patients.  While demand is outpacing availability to qualified healthcare professionals, UBC provides access to one of the largest, national networks of credentialed healthcare professionals with clinical expertise in a wide variety of administration methods and disease states.