One Size Doesn’t Fit All

One Size Doesn’t Fit All

While we would all like highly customized programs for our favorite products, the fact is not all products require a full spectrum of specialized services. Sometimes a product just needs a little something extra…

You see, not every drug requires all the services of a specialty pharmacy.  Yet, many products can benefit from services that meet requisite handling needs while also fully establishing - and maintaining - their place in the market.  It can be hard to find flexibility in retail or mail order or even in pure specialty, but guess what? That’s why we created Specialty Pharmacy Light. 

SP Light doesn’t mean less important.  The right SP Light services may be just what your product needs to make a major impact in the market, beat out competition, and attract loyal physicians and patients.

Some drugs don’t need the level of patient care other therapies require, but because of  Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategy (REMS) requirements placed on them, they benefit from the high-touch service a Specialty Pharmacy provides.

What other tailored, SP Light services, could benefit your product?  Call center operations?  Patient and physician education?   Special storage and handling?

When your brand needs a little something extra – sit down with us and let’s develop an SP Light model that meets your needs.