An Open Invitation to Collaborate

An Open Invitation to Collaborate

In the pharmaceutical industry, data that offers insight into patient behavior and industry experience are precious commodities. As part of the Express Scripts family of companies, UBC is a vehicle for pharmaceutical and biotech manufacturers to capitalize on a wealth of industry expertise.

Express Scripts
Express Script partners with thousands of payers to provide pharmacy benefit services for 100 million members. This experience can offer manufacturers insight into payers.

  • Call us early in the development to discuss the value-based data points you’ll need to share when it comes time to bring your drug to market.
  • We can also offer insight into the special needs of your unique patient population as well as identify prescribing patterns across the country or down to a specific zip code.

Accredo Specialty Pharmacy
Accredo Specialty Pharmacy is comprised of disease-state experts who are also fierce patient advocates. They can provide guidance on patient management, like identifying and eliminating barriers to patient adherence.

CuraScript Specialty Distribution
As a leading provider of pharmaceutical warehousing and delivery solutions, CuraScript SD can suggest competitive sales and distribution strategies for any product.

Don’t forget about the experts on staff at UBC.

  • UBC’s depth of services around Reimbursement, Patient Assistance, Nursing and Adherence offers valuable insights into payer strategies. We have outlined a simple four step process to make data from patient service programs actionable.
  • We understand how to structure late stage research to not only gain regulatory approval but also demonstrate outcomes that matter to payers and physicians.
  • Our deep well of experience in value demonstration allows us to structure studies that build economic evidence to demonstrate and support the value of products.

These examples are just the tip of the iceberg. I’m extending an open invitation to any manufacturer who wants to put our combined knowledge to work for your product. It’s never too early to start discussions. I look forward to connecting with you.