Patient Direct Program Gives Patients Power to Choose

Patient Direct Program Gives Patients Power to Choose

We all like happy endings…but let’s talk about a happy beginning.  Our Patient Direct program is one of the first of its kind – a program that allows patients to choose their preferred brand drug, which is delivered to their home for a set price each month.

For patients who want to continue therapy on a particular drug, after patent expiration, the Patient Direct program offers an alternative many patients welcome.  And, patients with new prescriptions have the power to choose a brand drug from a manufacturer they know about and trust.

Ashley, a Patient Care Advocate, talks to these patients every day.  She’s heard the relief in their voices, the confidence in their words.

“The Patient Direct program is a godsend for the people I talk to,” she says.  “They appreciate having the option of a brand drug at a cost they can afford.  Depending on their Social Security eligibility or health insurance policy, some patients had been paying as much as $400 to $800 each month.  They now pay $40 for their prescription.”

Ashley processes enrollment forms, makes refill reminder calls, and answers patients’ questions. 

“It’s nice to represent a program that makes such a difference in patients’ lives,” she says. 

With 39 drugs facing patent expiry between 2012 and 2019 the Patient Direct program is a tool manufacturers of these drugs will want to consider for their products and their patients.

“Patent expiries are a primary concern for manufacturers who’ve invested years of research, time, and resources to bring a product to market,” says Charlie Bell, Director, Business Development, Pharma & Biotech.  “The Patient Direct program is an amazingly simple and effective way to allow patients the choice of a brand drug.”