Patients Praise UBC Nurses

Patients Praise UBC Nurses

Whether in a hospital setting or over the phone, nurses play a very meaningful role in the health and well-being of the patients they support.

Our patients’ comments on a recent satisfaction survey were a good reminder that these general learnings are derived from the impact each nurse makes on an individual patient. Based on those responses, we’ve compiled a list of what patients believe make our nurses so valuable:

“The accessibility and compassion provided by your service is awesome. If only all healthcare experiences were this amazing. Thanks to the staff and nurse support for always being available and answering any question I had. Thanks to the manufacturer for graciously providing this service.”

“I absolutely love this program! Everyone is very friendly, considerate, and professional. However, what I love the most about it is how each individual treats the patient as if we are family. The level of true compassion and willingness to help us is fantastic. I do not have enough kind words to say about the group other than THANK YOU very much! You guys are really great!”

“’Class act’ is how I would describe all of your employees. I have never once reached someone that was not completely happy to answer all of my questions and/or give me information that helps me in the future. Thank you all very much for this service.”

Professional guidance
“I was totally pleased with what I learned about the program. To talk to a nurse and have her explain things to me was the best ever, and then she talked me through my administration steps. I placed my phone on speaker while she listened to me say what I was doing. Thank you! She is the best!”

Commitment to each individual patient
“The person I spoke with was super helpful and nice. Very few companies deliver top-level customer service and the nurse’s service I received was well above and beyond top level. The best part was I could tell it was genuine and she wasn't just reading from a script. I could tell she understands her role and takes it very seriously. I appreciate the time she took to answer my questions and ensure I was completely satisfied before we hung up. You have a great service and an outstanding employee.”

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