Pharma Hero Charity: Cancer Support Community

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Pharma Hero Charity: Cancer Support Community

The Pharma Hero campaign seeks to celebrate the great work of our colleagues in the pharma and biotech industry. We also wanted to do a little good work of our own by making a charitable donation for each Pharma Hero nomination we receive.* Like the Pharma Heroes, these charities are helping to provide support and healing throughout the world. We’re highlighting each charity to help you decide which to choose when you recognize a Pharma Hero.

Cancer Support Community

Mission: As the largest professionally led nonprofit network of cancer support worldwide, the Cancer Support Community (CSC) is dedicated to ensuring that all people impacted by cancer are empowered by knowledge, strengthened by action and sustained by community. CSC achieves its mission through three areas: direct service delivery, research and advocacy. The organization includes an international network of Affiliates that offer the highest quality social and emotional support for people impacted by cancer, as well as a community of support available online and over the phone. The Research and Training Institute conducts cutting-edge psychosocial, behavioral and survivorship research. CSC furthers its focus on patient advocacy through its Cancer Policy Institute, informing public policy in Washington, D.C. and across the nation.

Why we chose this charity: The National Cancer Institute estimates that 1.68M Americans will be diagnosed with cancer this year. The pipeline is full of innovative treatments to curtail cancer of all forms, but these life-saving treatments only address part of what it means to be a patient facing cancer. Cancer Support Community provides social and emotional support, critical elements to an integrated approach to cancer treatment.

Pharma Hero donations: CSC has received 68% of the Pharma Heroes donations to date. Continue to support CSC by recognizing a Pharma Hero who is also fighting against cancer.


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*Donations available for approximately the first 1,200 accepted nominations that comply with the Terms of Use.