Pharma Hero Charity: Global Genes

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Pharma Hero Charity: Global Genes

The Pharma Hero campaign seeks to celebrate the great work of our colleagues in the pharma and biotech industry. We also wanted to do a little good work of our own by making a charitable donation for each Pharma Hero nomination we receive.* Like the Pharma Heroes, these charities are helping to provide support and healing throughout the world. We’re highlighting each charity to help you decide which to choose when you recognize a Pharma Hero.

Global Genes

Mission: Global Genes’ mission is to eliminate the challenges of rare disease. They build awareness, educate the global community, and provide critical connections and resources that equip advocates to become activists for their disease.

Why we chose this charity: While rare diseases may only affect a few hundred people, viewed collectively, 350 million patients face rare conditions. Pharmaceutical and biotech companies across the world are working to develop needed medications for this space.  Global Genes unifies hundreds of patient advocacy groups and provides essential tools to the teams representing their unique patient populations.

Pharma Hero donations: Global Genes needs your help to collect a larger donation! If you know a Pharma Hero making an impact in the rare disease or orphan drug space, show your support by recognizing them and choosing Global Genes as the donation recipient.


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*Donations available for approximately the first 1,200 accepted nominations that comply with the Terms of Use.