Pharmaceutical Executive Features UBC President, Patrick Lindsay

Pharmaceutical Executive Features UBC President, Patrick Lindsay

UBC President, Patrick Lindsay, recently sat down with Pharmaceutical Executive’s William Looney as part of the magazine’s “CEO Snapshot” series. Patrick has been at the core of the company’s growth and innovation. He gave his thoughts on a variety of topics including:

How Express Scripts’ merger with Medco impacted UBC
“… the level of engagement that we are able to achieve through the Express Scripts family gives us access to the most senior levels of the entire pharma and biotech community. In addition, it allows us to align UBC's business model with Express Scripts’ specialty pharmacy unit, Accredo, to create a unique and differentiated service offering geared to the specific needs of specialty drugs, a high-profile segment of the trade.”

What pharma and biotech companies need to prepare for now
“The one issue that is going to be a game changer is the health of your IT assets and capabilities. The biopharmaceutical industry is an information industry. Information technology, done well, connects all the moving parts of the product lifecycle, from discovery and development to approval, commercialization, market acceptance and LOE.”

UBC’s global focus
“My biggest priority has been to transform a structure geared to doing business in one area to doing business without boundaries—on a global scale. Today, we have 18 offices around the world. At every hour of the day, someone is awake and working for UBC … I can say it is readily acknowledged that potential activities outside the US are necessary to keep the overall business growing. UBC has a significant role in recommending what the combined organization can do to stay flexible about new opportunities in global markets.”

The impact of patient empowerment
“Technology, and the accessibility it provides, is allowing patients to ask the right questions to providers. We believe this is a positive trend because it represents the confluence of the same forces that have helped expand our business.”

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