On Point with Point-of-Care Solutions for Clinical Trials

On Point with Point-of-Care Solutions for Clinical Trials

The third annual Summit for Clinical Operations Executives (SCOPE) kicked off in Miami, Florida, this week, and UBC came asking the tough questions and proposing innovative strategies. Abbe Steel, VP of Patient and Physician Services, gave her Top 10 Cost-Cutting Innovations for Clinical Trials, while Nancy Mulligan, Director of Operations, taught us all a few things about how to work with inexperienced research sites.

Among all of the UBC voices present at the conference, however, the one that drew the most attention was that of Mary James when she spoke about the use of home health nurses in clinical trials. Did you know, for instance, that UBC's network of home health nurses includes more than 17,000 home health staffers both in the US and abroad?

Home health nurses can fulfill just about everything you need from a study visit, including blood draws, drug administration, and specimen collection. Home health nurses help to increase patient recruitment and retention, especially in crowded clinical trial markets.

Put yourself in the patient’s shoes for a moment: how much easier would it be for you to participate in a trial if that trial started coming to you, in the comfort of your own home? Furthermore, if you’re deciding between two trials, and one offers home visits, which would you choose? For most patients, the choice is clear.

More and more, the choice is becoming equally clear for the pharmaceutical community as well. With the number and complexity of trials increasing, costs and competition associated with working with research sites also continue to rise.  These trends in our industry make Mary’s ideas on utilizing home health nurses all the more important for the future of our industry.