Public Health Exchanges – What They Mean for Patient Assistance Programs

UBC provides Patient Assistance Programs and Public Health Exchange counseling

Public Health Exchanges – What They Mean for Patient Assistance Programs

As a leading provider of Patient Assistance Programs (PAP), UBC is working closely with manufacturers and offering services to identify patients who may be eligible for coverage provided by the Affordable Care Act (ACA).  UBC services help patients who may qualify for expanded Medicaid, State Exchanges or who will need to remain on their current free drug program.

So what services are we offering to these patients?  First we are sending educational materials to patients and prescribers, via mail or fax.  We’ve learned that many patients are unaware of the ACA and have completed very little research.  Our customized letters will help make them aware of changes and direct them to appropriate resources.

Second, we are assisting clients and patients with Alternate Funding services by increasing our Alternate Funding database to encompass states with expanded Medicaid programs.  In addition, we will be loading exchange information for all 50 states and the District of Columbia.  This process will allow UBC to refer patients to funding that they otherwise would not have known about, ensuring manufacturers are the payor of last resort.

Third, once Alternate Funding is located, we are able to guide patients through the application process using their choice of the paper form or online submission.  UBC is in the process of becoming Certified Application Counselors (CAC), a certification from CMS.  Once approved a team of our patient care advocates will complete a five hour online training course and receive their certificate as a CAC.   This will allow us to  take  case management one step further and proactively reach out to the patients to ensure they were approved or denied for Medicaid or a state Exchange.

UBC is building on 25+ years of PAP experience.  Through the years we’ve navigated many changes in the healthcare industry.  The Affordable Care Act is another significant change in the healthcare landscape, and we look forward to our continued service to manufacturers and patients.