Real-Time Data from Long-Term Studies

Real-Time Data from Long-Term Studies

Real-Time Data from Long-Term Studies

Registries are critical to demonstrating long-term safety, effectiveness, and value. These observational studies are a cornerstone of post-marketing research. However, by their very nature, extended studies create an information void between start-up, interim analyses, and the final report. These milestones often have multiple year gaps between them.

UBC’s proprietary Electronic Data Capture (EDC) system includes an interface to put real-time data into the hands of key constituents: pharma sponsors and registry physicians.

Access registry data “on-demand”

UBC’s proprietary EDC interface allows sponsor stakeholders (epidemiologists, study managers, statisticians, medical affairs, commercial teams, etc.) to view graphical and tabular readouts on the characteristics of the patient population enrolled in the registry, all in a real time environment that is accessible to credentialed individuals at the touch of a button.  These data sets are customized to each study and can include static and longitudinal views as applicable on the following domains:
• Patient demographics
• Medical history
• Co-morbidities, pre- and post-enrollment
• Treatment patterns
• Concomitant medication use
• Clinical use of a marketed product
• Adverse events

Enhance the value proposition for physicians

UBC’s solution can also be deployed to allow on-demand access for participating registry physicians to view specific patient population characteristics at the site and study level. This introduces an additional dimension to the value proposition for participation in observational research.  Rather than waiting months or years to receive insights on the patient population being studied in the registry, these HCPs gain real time visibility into specific domains of appropriate data that may be of interest for comparison purposes – i.e. patient comorbidities at the site and study level.  

Adding this dynamic to your registry can enhance physician motivation to participate in observational research where the realities of lower investigator grant budgets and competing interventional research priorities represent headwinds to physician enrollment.

UBC is a leading provider of integrated real-world evidence solutions that help pharmaceutical and biotech manufacturers demonstrate the value of their products. Our multidisciplinary teams include epidemiologists and global clinical operations experts to ensure each study we conduct is scientifically sound and flawlessly executed. Contact us to discuss your post-marketing research needs or visit the links below to learn more.

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