A Recipe for Accelerated Speed to Therapy

A Recipe for Accelerated Speed to Therapy

Reimbursement challenges can cause lengthy delays in therapy initiation for patients with rare diseases. In order to overcome this challenge for one client, UBC leveraged our alliance with Accredo Specialty Pharmacy to create an integrated solution that allowed us to increase patients’ speed to therapy by eliminating duplication of reimbursement activities.


The manufacturer of a urea cycle disorder drug needed a customized Hub program that could manage the reimbursement needs of the orphan patient population. The Hub also needed to be able to triage the drug to two specialty pharmacy vendors, one of which was Accredo Specialty Pharmacy. The manufacturer sent 80% of the drug supply to Accredo and 20% to the other specialty pharmacy.

UBC Solution

UBC developed a customized Reimbursement Hub that provided the following services:

  • Full benefit investigations
  • Insurance re-verifications
  • Full prior authorization support
  • Authorization renewals/re-authorizations
  • ppeals assistance
  • Ongoing refill tracking via coordination with the specialty pharmacies
  • Face-to-face interactions with prescribers to review Hub service offerings (as requested by the client)
  • Management of a Patient Assistance Program
  • Clinical call center support
  • Triage to two specialty pharmacies

Game-Changing Success

Our relationship with Accredo allowed us to decrease time to therapy by 40% by reducing duplication of reimbursement efforts. On average, it took 5.9 days to fill the drug through Accredo versus 10 days at the other specialty pharmacy. Integrating a UBC Hub with Accredo Specialty Pharmacy shortened the lag time between prescription submission and therapy initiation – a success for both the manufacturer and the patients.

Learn more about how Hubs can mitigate delays in therapy initiation at CBI’s Speed to Therapy conference August 12 – 13 in Philadelphia, PA. Diana Hampton, Senior Manager, Reimbursement Product Support and Innovation, will join the panel “Ask the Experts – Hub Technology” to discuss additional UBC Hub success stories.

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