Reflecting on UBC’s Growth in Europe

UBC in Europe

Reflecting on UBC’s Growth in Europe

You’ve heard it a thousand times in our business: You’re not buying the service, you’re buying the people. I was fortunate enough to build our clinical team in Europe from the ground up, so I know better than anyone how true that statement is.

When I joined the organisation in 2008, I was the first European-based employee for UBC. I rented offices in a three-story, converted Victorian house in central London, which we still fondly refer to as the “old house,” and started seeking talented professionals to join me.

The early days were tough. Everyone worked crazy hours since our support staff was located in the United States and working six hours behind our schedule. If I wanted to have a private conversation with human resources, I had to take a walk around the block. But those struggles created an entrepreneurial spirit among the staff members. We all went above and beyond to build something from nothing and it paid off very quickly. Within two months we won two large, long-term registries. These studies, which are still running today, served as a great foundation.

As our experience grew, so did our staff. We continued to seek top talent throughout Europe and trained them up. This environment created a team of dedicated members, most of whom are tenured today. Clients also took notice, turning to UBC for the kind of personalized attention not often found at large CROs.

Today our team includes a diverse group of clinical site specialists, clinical research associates, project managers, directors, regulatory managers and clinical contracts managers spread across 20 countries in Europe who, collectively, speak more than 20 languages.

We’ve come a long way from the “old house,” but we’re not slowing down. Our entrepreneurial spirit is very much alive today and is evident in the creative solutions we bring to clients. Our expanded staff has allowed us to develop specialized experience in long-term studies and chart reviews. UBC has also expanded into the drug safety arena. We now provide a full spectrum of pharmacovigilance services and continue to build risk management services out of Europe. I can’t wait to see what the future holds because I know our team is poised to handle anything.