SCOPE: UBC Bringing Innovation to Clinical Research

SCOPE: UBC Bringing Innovation to Clinical Research

Beginning tomorrow through Thursday, representatives from UBC will be participating in the Cambridge Healthtech Institute's Summit for Clinical Ops Executives (SCOPE). Members of the clinical trial community will convene in Miami for a 3-day conference focused on issues related to each aspect of clinical trial planning and management.

This year, we are particularly excited to play a key role in bringing innovation to clinical research.  Nancy Mulligan, Senior Director of Patient & Physician Services, will be providing a Keynote Address focused on innovation and our industry’s important role in recognizing the 21st Century patient as we design and execute today’s clinical trials.

Nancy will be sharing her deep passion for recognizing the patient’s needs and interests and bringing the everyday technologies patients use into our clinical trials. It has been reported that 61% of Americans own a Smartphone and 91% of adults own some sort of mobile phone – 95 million Americans have downloaded a health and wellness app. Today we have health-related games and apps; wireless scales and glucometers; blood pressure machines and lifestyle monitors, all of which have been created to improve the human condition. However, very few of these technologies and devices are being used in clinical research.

In addition to the Keynote, Nancy will be moderating a roundtable discussion which includes “A Tour” of the latest technological innovations. This interactive session will allow conference attendees to “play” with some of the latest mobile health and remote monitoring devices and learn from others’ experiences implementing these tools on past initiatives. This should be a fun session designed to spark creativity and innovative approaches among the conference participants.

SCOPE is always a productive and lively conference and UBC is excited to once again play a key role. We hope to see many of you in Miami.