Specialty Pharmacy Tools for the Managed Care Account Manager

Specialty Pharmacy Tools for the Managed Care Account Manager

Pinsonault’s Managed Care Account Management Training conference provides a great opportunity for new account managers to take a deep dive into the industry. They have the chance to learn from their customers and get insight from experienced consultants. I appreciated the opportunity to share some things I’ve learned through my work in the industry during my presentation: Critical Essentials Necessary for Success in Specialty Pharmacy. It’s a meaty topic with a lot of takeaways, including these important points:

Some drugs need specialized attention.
Labeling a drug as “specialty” impacts how it is dispensed to a patient and what kind of care patients receive. We examined the value of the specialty pharmacy channel for all constituents: manufacturers, payers, physicians and patients.

Understanding distribution channels helps ensure product success.
There are a number of routes from the manufacturer’s plant to the patient. Whether a drug is distributed through a hospital, infusion suite, wholesaler, pharmacy or physician’s office depends on a variety of factors. Selecting the correct distribution channel is key to efficiently dispensing specialty medication.   We reviewed the main channels along with the pros and cons of each.

Coding and reimbursement matter.
We examined the difference between a J code and an NDC and what these mean in terms of reimbursement.

The seminar offered up a great opportunity for networking and in-depth discussions about the healthcare industry. I look forward to connecting with a new group of colleagues at the spring session of the Account Management Training. Registration is open now!