Start Recruitment Before Site Initiation

10 Steps to Starting Patient Recruitment before Site Initiation

Start Recruitment Before Site Initiation

If patient recruitment difficulties account for up to 80% of study delays, why not take advantage of the time before the site initiation visit (SIV) to prepare the site for patient enrollment?  At CHI’s Summit for Clinical Ops Executives (SCOPE) January 24th-26th in Miami, UBC will share a new approach to optimizing study start-up by utilizing ten proven pre-enrollment tactics. Attendees will likely be surprised by what can be achieved, even before SIV.

Tactic #5 on our list is pre-identification of patients prior to sites being activated. By reviewing their patient database, flagging potential patients and conducting direct to patient outreach, sites can hit the ground running, be energized and ready to enroll from day one! Using these tactics we’ve seen studies achieve enrollment goals up to 60 days ahead of schedule!

Are you curious about the other 9 pre-enrollment tactics?  Join us for this presentation at SCOPE:

Wednesday, January 25 at 9:20 a.m.
Starting Recruitment Before the Site Initiation Visit: 10 Steps
Presented by Heidi Ross, RN, BSN, & LaShell Robinson, MS

Presentation Takeaways:

  • Reducing time from site activation to first patient enrolled
  • Pre-enrollment activities – building the repository of eligible patients
  • Priming sites for early patient identification and meeting enrollment goals
  • Identifying and mitigating site-specific pitfalls to patient enrollment

UBC is focused on innovation that helps our clients accelerate – accelerate patient recruitment, accelerate product approval and accelerate success. Visit our team at SCOPE booth #500 or contact us to discuss how we can put our unique capabilities to work for your team and your product.