Teacher for a Day, Student for Life

Teacher for a Day, Student for Life

After parents, I believe teachers have the toughest job in the world.  So, you think I’d be at least a little nervous about my role this week as faculty member at the Pinsonault Account Management Training for the Pharmaceutical and Biotech Industry.  But I’m not. 

Instead, I’m looking forward to meeting a new crop of account managers working on managed care and commercial accounts.  And, I’m looking forward to sharing with them some of the things I’ve learned over the past 20+ years.  One thing I’ve learned is just how committed the pharma and biotech industry is to developing new, life-changing therapies.  Helping to develop systems that support these therapies is a rewarding career. 

I’ve also learned that, more than most industries, healthcare continues to change at a rapid pace.   With advances in medicine, the digital age, and changes in the laws that affect healthcare, there is ALWAYS something to learn.  If my students learn only one thing from me this week, I hope it will be to keep learning.

Wish me luck – and I’ll let you know how my time in the classroom goes.  I have a feeling I’ll learn as much as my students.

Kevin Cast, MS, is vice president, strategy and contracting, Pharma & Biotech, at Express Scripts.  He leads the business development team and works with all areas of specialty pharmacy operations and account management to provide integrated business solutions that support the life cycle of a drug.