These Healthcare Champions Rarely Make the News

Pharmaceutical Executive magazine highlights UBC's PharmaHeroes

These Healthcare Champions Rarely Make the News

With more than 850,000 employees in the top ten pharmaceutical companies alone, the biopharmaceutical industry could easily boast of its extraordinary numbers of professionals working to develop and deliver life-changing therapies. Yet, it rarely does.

Pharma’s professionals working behind the scenes in a variety of roles, including scientists, nurses, data managers, clinical research associates, and software programmers, typically stay behind the scenes. Yet their heroic work includes everything from the remarkable advancements in HIV, hepatitis C, and oncology treatments, to the everyday acts of helping a patient connect with alternate funding resources or speaking to a caregiver late at night when they’re worried about side effects.

UBC’s Pharma Heroes movement grew out of our desire to recognize and celebrate these amazing professionals who work tirelessly to make the world a healthier place.

Recently, Pharmaceutical Executive invited UBC president, Patrick Lindsay, to talk about why Pharma Heroes got started and how it’s elevating the collective impact of our industry’s work.

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