For UBC and Accredo, Every Day is Rare Disease Day

For UBC and Accredo, Every Day is Rare Disease Day

The theme of this year’s Rare Disease Day is “Join Together for Better Care.” UBC and Accredo employees live this mantra every day.

There are nearly 7,000 rare diseases in the United States. Accredo has built specially trained teams into Therapeutic Resource Centers to treat specialty patient populations, like those living with cancer, multiple sclerosis, hemophilia and pulmonary arterial hypertension.

For smaller patient populations, Accredo has developed a center of excellence for orphan and ultra-orphan patients. This team focuses on patient populations that range from a handful to several hundred. Dedicating a team of patient care advocates, reimbursement specialists, clinicians and pharmacists ensures that patients with rare disease receive the individualized care they need and deserve.

The highest level of personalized care for orphan drug patients is possible when all points of contact come from an integrated service provider. In programs where Accredo is the exclusive specialty pharmacy for an ultra orphan or orphan drug, UBC has embedded Hub programs directly in the pharmacy. This integrated arrangement allows for more collaboration on coverage issues and increases the speed to therapy.

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