UBC in the News: Factoring in Pharmacogenomics

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UBC in the News: Factoring in Pharmacogenomics

Tailoring treatment to a patient’s genetic variations can have profound impacts on patient outcomes. Through pharmacogenomics, linkages between specific biomarkers and their underlying genotypes are identified. Then, drug treatments can be tailored to achieve optimal patient outcomes and minimize adverse reactions.

With these advances, comes the need for a different approach to clinical trials.

Dr. Don Gabriel, MD, PhD, is UBC’s Consultant Senior Director for Medical Oncology and Scientific Strategy. In an article for International Clinical Trials, he discusses some of the changes taking place as genetic profiling becomes the norm, not the exception.  The article addresses how pharmacogenomics affects:

  • Trial design
  • Patient risk profiles
  • Economic impact of targeted therapies

Click here to read Dr. Gabriel’s article.

Don Gabriel, MD, PHD will be sharing insights and expertise at ASCO, June 3-7. We are proud to join our partners Accredo Specialty Pharmacy and CuraScript Specialty Distribution at booth #5135 to showcase our comprehensive oncology offering.