UBC in the News: The Next-Generation Therapeutic Journey Starts Here

Next Generation Therapeutic Journey

UBC in the News: The Next-Generation Therapeutic Journey Starts Here

In recent years, our industry has focused on the critical need to improve the therapeutic journey for patients taking complex specialty medications. Too often, however, delays in therapy initiation can extend days, weeks, or longer, depending on the level of administrative and financial hurdles. In an effort to overcome these obstacles and break down the barriers to therapy, some manufacturers and service providers have focused on improving the individual touchpoints along the journey. In the latest edition of Pharmaceutical Executive, UBC’s top executive for commercial strategy, Brett Huselton, explains how this one-sided approach to improving the journey doesn’t actually solve the overarching challenges - it perpetuates them.

In the article, Wisdom for the Journey, Brett discusses how UBC’s new approach to improving the therapeutic experience has created a more connected and personalized patient pathway, sharing insights about:

  • Improving speed to therapy with sophisticated technology that connects stakeholders and automates the journey
  • Leveraging data-driven insights to gain a deeper understanding of the patient and prescriber
  • Supporting the journey as a continuum of services by engaging the patient and prescriber through multiple communication channels

For an inside look into the next-generation therapeutic journey, click here to read the article.