Unique Oncology Support is Needed Now More Than Ever

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Unique Oncology Support is Needed Now More Than Ever

UBC works with life science companies to help them develop a drug, take it through commercialization, and demonstrate its post-launch value and safety. UBC has extensive oncology experience in Phase II-IV, Late Stage Research, Safety & Pharmacovigilance services for many hematologic, solid, and general oncology indications, touching more than 18,000 oncology subjects. We have also provided commercial services for more than 50 different oncology brands.

We understand that developing and bringing an oncology drug to market requires expertise at every level – now more than ever.

The oncology therapeutic area is changing dramatically. Cutting edge technologies, such as CAR T-Cell Therapies, are just now beginning to be considered for clinical applications. UBC has recognized the changes happening in the oncology sector and is being proactive about offering sponsors not only 360° support, but also insights and clinical expertise. Our expertise in specific service areas, such as Risk Management, gives us an advantage in knowing what to look for and providing solutions to address those safety concerns.

My personal expertise in the division of hematology and oncology allows me to provide our sponsors with insights on the protocol design, specific therapies, and the oncology patient population as a whole.

From a program-design level, my background allows me to add feasibility suggestions because I have been there in the trenches – I know the people who are driving the data (coordinators, research nurses, and physicians). I can also provide insights from an internal perspective by looking at how the protocol is being developed: Is the right data being captured? Are the right questions being asked? Is quality of life being considered? Also, on some occasions, I will reach out to other physicians and have discussions with them to get their insights and advice on a certain oncology disease and/or therapy.

To discuss UBC’s unique capabilities in the oncology space, please join me at the American Society of Clinical Oncology’s (ASCO) Annual Meeting, May 30 through June 1 in Chicago. I’ll be at booth #22147 with our partners from Accredo Specialty Pharmacy and CuraScript Specialty Distribution.