Welkom to ISPOR EU – A Conference Preview

Welkom to ISPOR EU – A Conference Preview

ISPOR’s 17th Annual European Congress will be busier than ever. Not only does the attendance continue to grow, so do the industry topics and key research findings to address. UBC’s Value Demonstration team has been hard at work conducting a variety of peri and postapproval observational studies. Our researchers studied oncology, stroke, and vaccinations using International Chart Review, Literature Reviews, and Time and Motion Study methodologies. We invite you to meet our experts at one of the many poster presentations listed below:

Session III – Tuesday, 11 November, 8:45 – 13:30
In-Patient Hospital Costs of Stroke: A Focused Literature Review

Session V – Tuesday, 11 November, 8:45 – 14:45
Time Savings with Transtuzumab Subcutaneous (SC) Injection vs. Trastuzumab Intravenous (IV) Infusion: A Time and Motion Study in 3 Russian Centers

Targeted Literature Review of Medication Event Monitoring Systems to Evaluate Adherence in Observational Real-World Studies

Session IV – Tuesday, 11 November, 15:30 – 19:30
Implementation of International Chart Review Studies: An Assessment of Ethics and Regulatory Considerations

Evidence Resulting from Chart Review Methodology Applied to Named Patient Programme Participation and Compassionate Medication Use: Peri-Approval Approximation of Post-Market Practice Patterns and Cost

Task-Based versus Case-Based Analysis of Time Outcomes in Multi-Country Time and Motion (T&M) Studies: Methodological Considerations and Application

Workflow Mapping for Paediatric Vaccination Process in the United Kingdom (UK): A Precursor of a Time and Motion (T&M) Study

Retrospective Chart Review Studies: Strategies to Ensure Robust Data Quality

While at the conference, stop by our booth (#1,000) for a chance to win an iPad mini! We hope to see you in Amsterdam.