What is Motivating Participants in your Clinical Trials?

Clinical Trial Participation Motivation

What is Motivating Participants in your Clinical Trials?

Access to clinical trial information is driving more participation by volunteers, not just patients. This shift is also shining a light on the evolving motivations of clinical trial participants.

UBC’s experts explore this and eight other trends in our free whitepaper, “Nine Evolutions in Clinical Research & Patient Recruitment.” Here’s a look at number two, “Motivations: From Incentives to Altruism:”

With this growth in volunteerism comes a demand for organizations, including sponsors, to promote high-impact, meaningful experiences to keep volunteers engaged. While regulations greatly restrict payments and gifts to study subjects, sponsors still have an opportunity to tailor messaging and tokens of appreciation to recognize subjects’ contribution to research.

According to a poll by Research!America in 2013, of those participating in clinical trials, 86% cited the opportunity to improve the health of others as an important factor in deciding to enroll.

The same poll shows that Americans are willing to share their personal health information – assuming that privacy protections are in place — so that researchers can better understand diseases and develop ways to treat and cure them (74%); so healthcare providers can improve patient care (72%); so public health officials can better track disease and disability (67%); and to advance medical research (73%).”

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