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UBC Pathways is helping patients access medications faster
Ron Lacy, Senior Director, Healthcare Analytics and Technology - October 24, 2017
It’s been just about a year since UBC launched UBC Pathways, our proprietary suite of healthcare analytics and technology solutions that help patients access their medications as quickly as possible and stay adherent to their therapy...
- October 13, 2017
If you haven’t noticed UBC in the news lately, you may not be looking hard enough. Our experts have been busy talking to media in the industry, sharing insights you don’t want to miss. Here are articles published this month with...
Social media can play a critical role in advancing knowledge of rare and orphan diseases
Shazia Ahmad, Director, Patient & Physician Services - October 02, 2017
The growth of social media interactions has played a critical role in advancing knowledge and awareness of rare and orphan diseases. Social media tools have helped stakeholders working in rare disease clinical development to increase...
UBC's home care nurses play a critical role in rare disease clinical trials
- September 20, 2017
UBC was contracted to provide clinical trial nursing services in a pivotal Phase III rare autoimmune disease trial. As this indication affects less than 2% of the population, ensuring that enrolled patients completed study...
Exploring industry changes leading to the focus on real-world evidence
- September 14, 2017
While the term is nothing new, the focus on the topic of real-world evidence is suddenly reaching a fever pitch, and that’s understandable. Demands from payers, patients, prescribers, and regulators for definitive data have never been...