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Self-Perception of Aging
Marielle Bassel, Research Scientist, and Kristin A. Hanson, Scientific Consultant - July 14, 2016
Changes in facial structure and appearance occur as the result of aging, gravity and underlying soft tissue repositioning. Approximately 15 million people in the United States seek cosmetic treatments per year, with eyelid surgery and...
Does your recruitment strategy need re-routing?
Janet Peterson, Director, Patient & Physician Services - July 12, 2016
Our Roadmap to Recruitment series will help you navigate the patient recruitment roadblocks often found during the summer months. Click the links at the end of the post to follow the rest of the series. I moved to Boston recently, and...
Pharma Hero profile
UBC - July 07, 2016
Through the Pharma Heroes program, we’ve collected multiple stories of every day heroes working in the pharma and biotech industry. These recognitions prove that even small acts help save lives and heal patients. We’re profiling some...
Fourth of July
UBC - June 30, 2016
On Monday, July 4th, Americans will gather with friends and family to celebrate our nation and to honor the sacrifices of the men and women who have served or continue to serve our country. UBC’s Senior Clinical Nurse Educator, Holly...
Healthcare Needs a Hero
UBC - June 27, 2016
Since UBC was formed in 2003, the DIA Annual Meeting has played a significant role for our company by helping us build relationships with colleagues across the industry, providing opportunities to learn the latest trends in drug...