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Cancer Care Solutions | UBC
- June 01, 2016
At age twelve, I watched my grandmother lose her three year battle with lung cancer. Her battle and my family’s support showed me that while cancer is personal, it takes a village to fight it. That tragic event put me on a course of...
UBC's oncology services include innovative clinical study design and management
UBC - May 31, 2016
Tailoring treatment to a patient’s genetic variations can have profound impacts on patient outcomes. Through pharmacogenomics, linkages between specific biomarkers and their underlying genotypes are identified. Then, drug treatments...
Phase III Oncology Case Study
UBC - May 26, 2016
In global clinical trials, sponsors must adhere to strict regulatory requirements, in multiple countries and cultures - during all phases of development - while meeting important deadlines.  With thousands of oncology treatments...
MS patient recruitment
UBC - May 24, 2016
Multiple Sclerosis is a complex disease affecting an estimated 2.5 million people globally.  Thankfully, MS research is abundant, with 16 therapies approved by the FDA today and more than 30 in the pipeline. Many challenges come...
Pharma M&A
UBC - May 16, 2016
Patent expirations and mounting pricing pressures have fuelled record M&A activity throughout the pharma and biotech industry. This trend shows no sign of slowing down. In fact, PwC’s Health Research Institute predicts 2016 will...