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Clinical Trial Nursing
UBC - May 11, 2016
Clinical trial nurses help increase patient enrollment and retention rates by bringing the clinical trial to the patient. The convenience and care they provide through in-home clinical visits benefit most patients, including pediatric...
Home Health Nursing
UBC - May 11, 2016
Home Health Nurses provide quality care and education that increases patient confidence. UBC provides access to one of the largest national networks of credentialed healthcare professionals, offering clinical expertise in a wide...
Clinical Nurse Educators
UBC - May 10, 2016
Today, brand sales representatives often struggle to obtain face-to-face meetings with prescribers. In contrast, Clinical Nurse Educators’ clinical credibility can open doors. When partnered with a pharma or biotech sales rep, these...
Clinical Support Centers
UBC - May 09, 2016
Through telephonic support, nurses play an important role in keeping patients adherent to their medication. Nurses in our Clinical Support Centers are available to provide patient education, injection training, product information,...
UBC is raising awareness of clinical trials
Klaira McIntire, Associate Director, New Solutions - May 04, 2016
There is a misconception among patients that clinical trials are a “last-ditch effort,” and should be considered only after failing to respond to approved, conventional treatments.  And, even though there are currently 214,362...