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The DIA topic everyone is talking about
- September 08, 2017
While it’s been three months since we gathered with other healthcare professionals at DIA, the largest, longest-running event in the life sciences industry, there’s one topic everyone’s still talking about. Annette Stemhagen, DrPH,...
UBC's clinical research teams excel at speed, flexibility and collaboration
Vaishali Patil, Clinical Research Project Manager - August 17, 2017
For patients with a serious condition or immediately life-threatening disease who cannot participate in a controlled clinical trial, expanded access programs (EAPs) make investigational new drugs (INDs) available, under certain...
- August 01, 2017
Annette Stemhagen, DrPH, FISPE, Vice President, Safety, Epidemiology, Registries & Risk Management, goes the extra mile for clients, working to improve drug safety and patient access to therapies. She has more than 30 years of...
New social media technology is opening the lines of communication for patients
- July 31, 2017
Professionals working in the field of Pharmacovigilance traditionally collect and assess reports of potential adverse events based on information received from healthcare providers’ interactions with patients. In addition, pharma...
Shazia Ahmad, Director, Patient & Physician Services - July 18, 2017
Ophthalmic Drug Development Summit: Pre-Conference Workshop More and more, sponsors recognize the importance of leveraging a successful patient recruitment and retention strategy from the beginning of a research program.  The...