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Services for patients with rare diseases
UBC - March 03, 2016
Rare-disease patients need special attention, not only upon therapy initiation, but throughout their entire therapy journey. UBC has the capabilities to start at the very beginning of this journey — transitioning patients from a trial...
UBC - February 29, 2016
Today, rare-disease communities around the world are coming together to raise awareness for the roughly 7,000 different types of rare diseases and disorders1. Shazia Ahmad, our Patient and Physician Services (PPS) rare-disease expert...
Clinical Trial Travel Concierge Services
Amelia Kerin, Patient & Physician Services - February 25, 2016
From long-distance travel to busy schedules, participating in a clinical trial can be very difficult for patients, especially those living with a rare disease. Because of the complexity of rare diseases, patients and their caregivers...
UBC - February 19, 2016
Two of UBC’s experts will offer attendees at next week’s CHI Summit for Clinical Ops Executives (SCOPE) a look at the ways we’re utilizing data to recruit for clinical trials. The topics include using real-time data for site selection...
Pregnancy registry webinar
UBC - February 11, 2016
The clinical trial setting precludes data collection about product use and pregnancy, but once a product enters the market, real-world evidence of pregnancy outcomes is essential to providing healthcare guidance for women of...