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Specialty Drugs Fill 2017 Pipeline
- May 04, 2017
New therapies to treat inflammatory conditions, multiple sclerosis, and cancer are among the products highlighted in Express Scripts’ Specialty Pipeline report. In 2016, specialty drugs made up 71% of the 24 drugs approved by the FDA...
UBC leverages prescription data to provide drug launch insights
Klaira Simon, Associate Director, New Solutions - April 25, 2017
As an Express Scripts company, UBC offers pharmaceutical and biotech manufacturers the chance to monitor their newly launched drugs using a proprietary, HIPAA-compliant tool to generate real-time reports. As a primary data source with...
A Holistic Approach to Patient Support Services
- April 20, 2017
Patients sometimes experience delays with filling their prescription for a variety of reasons. Understandably, the longer a patient has to wait to fill a prescription the less likely they are to actually fill it. With the right...
UBC provides specialized care to patients with hemophilia
Kris DeMent, Reimbursement Specialist - April 17, 2017
I save lives. Every day. Normally, I’m not one to brag about my work, but today is different. Today is World Hemophilia Day, and I work on a patient access team, supporting patients living with hemophilia, a bleeding disorder that...
Real-Time Data from Long-Term Studies
Aaron Berger, PMP, Sr. Project Director - April 06, 2017
Registries are critical to demonstrating long-term safety, effectiveness, and value. These observational studies are a cornerstone of post-marketing research. However, by their very nature, extended studies create an information void...