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UBC - October 31, 2013
In 2007, partly due to several high profile drug safety issues, the federal government imposed the FDA Amendments Act (FDAAA). The FDAAA mandated that the FDA augment existing US drug safety systems by using large repositories of...
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UBC - October 25, 2013
You can help transform clinical research and development with just a few clicks on your computer. Who Eli Lilly is hosting its Clinical Open Innovation Initiative, challenging participants to focus on envisioning clinical trials...
Read UBC's article on Pharmacovigilance and Risk Management in the EU
UBC - October 23, 2013
The new EU pharmacovigilance legislation (Good Vigilance Practice, GVP) is now in effect and applicants need to be fully compliant.  Read UBC's latest article online now at    
UBC and Accredo® Specialty Pharmacy Provide Integrated Support for Gilotrif™ (afatinib) tablets
UBC - September 20, 2013
UBC and Accredo Specialty Pharmacy will play a significant role in dispensing GILOTRIF, helping patients who are prescribed GILOTRIF gain access to the medicine, and providing those patients with clinical support through Boehringer...
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UBC provides key insights into studies that tell value of drug
UBC - August 30, 2013
Who decides how much specialty medications cost is too much – or not enough?  Real-world observational studies can provide insights into the value of a therapy. Chris Pashos, PhD, vice president, provides guidance that can save...