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UBC - July 22, 2015
UBC is excited to welcome Roy Hall as the leader of the Commercial Product & Service Development team. In this role, Roy will leverage nearly two decades of experience to drive the strategy, approach, and evolution of UBC’s...
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Patient-centric Reimbursement Hub - UBC
Justin Gambill, Program Manager - June 30, 2015
Clients and service providers working together to deliver exceptional support to patients can lead to improved health outcomes as well as an improved bottom line. Sound like a tall order? It’s really not when manufacturers and service...
Expanded Access Programs EAP - UBC
UBC - June 04, 2015
Mapping a patient’s journey through an Expanded Access Program (EAP) requires multi-dimensional perspective and foresight. At the outset of a program, consideration must be given to the patient experience continuum starting with...
UBC - June 02, 2015
Development of specialty therapies is on the rise, especially for rare diseases, fueling an increase in patient awareness and advocacy. More often manufacturers are being asked to implement Expanded Access Programs (EAPs) while...
World MS Day
UBC - May 27, 2015
Multiple sclerosis affects more than 2.3 million people worldwide and there is currently no approved cure. The pharmaceutical industry has been successful in creating treatment options to modify and manage the disease, but there is...