Risk Management & Pharmacovigilance

Self-Perception of Aging
Marielle Bassel, Research Scientist, and Kristin A. Hanson, Scientific Consultant - July 14, 2016
Changes in facial structure and appearance occur as the result of aging, gravity and underlying soft tissue repositioning. Approximately 15 million people in the United States seek cosmetic treatments per year, with eyelid surgery and...
Healthcare Needs a Hero
UBC - June 27, 2016
Since UBC was formed in 2003, the DIA Annual Meeting has played a significant role for our company by helping us build relationships with colleagues across the industry, providing opportunities to learn the latest trends in drug...
Real-world evidence is needed to keep a pharmaceutical product on the market
Annette Stemhagen, DrPH, FISPE, Senior Vice President, Safety, Epidemiology, Registries & Risk Management - June 22, 2016
Experimental clinical trial data are needed to bring a product to market, while observational data are important to keep a product on the market and meet the requirements of stakeholders, including prescribers, patients, payers and...
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ISPOR 2016 abstracts
UBC - June 09, 2016
At the International Society for Pharmacoeconomics and Outcomes Research (ISPOR) 21st Annual International Meeting, conducted May 21-25, 2016, in Washington, DC,  industry professionals convened to delve into the topic “Value,...
Cancer Care Solutions | UBC
- June 01, 2016
At age twelve, I watched my grandmother lose her three year battle with lung cancer. Her battle and my family’s support showed me that while cancer is personal, it takes a village to fight it. That tragic event put me on a course of...