Specialty Pharmacy & Distribution

UBC and Accredo® Specialty Pharmacy Provide Integrated Support for Gilotrif™ (afatinib) tablets
UBC - September 20, 2013
UBC and Accredo Specialty Pharmacy will play a significant role in dispensing GILOTRIF, helping patients who are prescribed GILOTRIF gain access to the medicine, and providing those patients with clinical support through Boehringer...
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Accredo and UBC nurses provide round the clock clinical support
UBC - September 06, 2013
A nurse doesn’t need to be in the same room, or even the same state, to save patients’ lives. Take the example of one Accredo Specialty Pharmacy patient who needed therapy while visiting Las Vegas. She was at a slot machine that just...
UBC understands increasing demands and competition in specialty market
UBC - August 26, 2013
As the number of specialty drugs approved each year continues to rise, so does competition for market space within certain disease states, including cancer and hepatitis C.  The latest issue of Specialty Pharmacy Times includes a...
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UBC partners with Accredo Specialty Pharmacy to provide coordinated care to cancer patients
UBC - August 15, 2013
While early detection and advanced oncology treatments are greatly improving the survival rate of cancer patients, new cancer cases also are on the rise.  Pharma manufacturers have responded with new oncology therapies, which are...
UBC and Accredo Sales Force Fuels Brand Movement in Marketplace
, Vice President, Global Pharmaceutical Business Development - July 08, 2013
There’s no argument that the specialty pharmaceutical business is growing rapidly.  Not more than 10 years ago, there were relatively a small handful of specialty pharmacies.  Today, there are easily more than 25 - many more...