Clinical Trial Strategies

Successful Clinical Trials Start Here… and Now

Our free whitepaper, “Nine Evolutions in Clinical Research & Patient Recruitment: A 2016 Preview,” will help you chart a course for successful commercial development in 2016 and beyond.

UBC’s experts provide an in-depth look at the trends driving historic changes in clinical research, including:

Clinical trial participation & motivation
“As we look to the future, clinical trial participation is a role that all people, regardless of health status, can fill. … New opportunities exist to gather data from subjects who don’t fall into the typical methods of recruitment and research participation.”

Harnessing new communication modes to engage participants
“One-on-one communications with healthcare providers also is undergoing a marked change.”

Flexible clinical trial settings
“UBC has seen a significant boost in our offering of home health nursing, concierge services and digital engagement tools to alleviate patient burden without affecting the integrity of clinical trial data.”

Balancing data security with patient access
“Systems are needed that allow participants to access their health records, learn outcomes of clinical studies and have some level of knowledge and control over where their information goes and how it is used.”


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