Nursing and Adherence


Nursing and Adherence


Wisdom for the Journey | Pharmaceutical Executive
Brett Huselton
In patient support programs, success – and your ROI – rests on making the vital connection between technology and the human touch.

Join our comprehensive patient support team at Assembia for a live demo of UBC Pathways™, our proprietary suite of healthcare analytics and technology solutions.

Wisdom for the Journey | Pharmaceutical Executive
In patient support programs, success – and your ROI – rests on making the vital connection between technology and the human touch.
PharmaVoice 100 Nicole Hebbert UBC
PharmaVOICE named Nicole Hebbert, Vice President, Patient Access & Engagement, as one of the 100 most inspiring people in the life science industry
Healthcare needs a hero | UBC
Biotech and pharmaceutical professionals typically don't get much recognition. That needs to change. It's time to shine a light on the heroes who walk among us, those who discover, develop and deliver life-saving medicine.
Clinical Trial Nurses
The convenience and care nurses provide through in-home clinical visits benefit most patients, including pediatric patients, those who are too sick to travel, or those requiring a more flexible schedule. Studies utilizing clinical trial nurses are more accessible, more...
Clinical Support Centers
Nurses in our Clinical Support Centers are available to provide patient education, injection training, product information, REMS support, adverse event reporting, and therapeutic expertise. While the nurses may never meet their patients in person, contact center nurses build...
Site of Care Nurses
UBC provides access to one of the largest national networks of credentialed healthcare professionals, offering clinical expertise in a wide variety of administration methods and disease states. Through this network, UBC provides trained clinicians within driving distance of more...
Clinical Nurse Educators
Today, brand sales representatives often struggle to obtain face-to-face meetings with prescribers. In contrast, Clinical Nurse Educators’ clinical credibility can open doors. When partnered with a pharma or biotech sales rep, these nurses bring value to the brand by enhancing...
Infographic: Rare Disease Patients Have Many Questions
Do you have the right answers for patients with rare diseases? UBC can help with our comprehensive services.
Moving pharmaceutical products from development into commercialization is no small feat. Doing so for a rare disease and improving speed to therapy is even more challenging — but because of UBC’s unique solutions for the entire drug lifecycle, it’s a challenge that we can take...
Identify effective patient engagement strategies for increasing adherence
Reimbursement Hub with a Heart
Manufacturers helping patients access expensive, potentially life-saving specialty therapies for chronic diseases and providing support throughout the patient journey is not only good patient care, it is also good business in what’s becoming a highly competitive specialty drug...
Market Research for Clinical and Commercial Programs
UBC delivers global solutions to patient recruitment challenges faced by pharmaceutical, government, and biotech sponsors. Among the services we provide are qualitative research with various stakeholder groups — healthcare providers, specialists, pharmacists, patients, and...
Patient-centric medicine is not a passing fad. New technology trends, healthcare laws, and diverse therapeutic options are converging to provide patients even more opportunities to be proactively engaged in their health journeys. Patients are becoming increasingly educated on...
Every journey is unique. Choose your guide wisely. UBC offers global product safety, brand loyalty and patient access strategies that span the full product lifecycle.
UBC offers big solutions for small patient populations. From clinical trials to high-touch adherence programs, we know that individualized patient care is important to patients with rare diseases.
The strategic uncertainty confronting big Pharma today has put a premium on generating new ideas from outside sources – it’s the fresh wind that lifts the sails. CROs and other biopharma vendors with a business mission to guide the industry through an era of rapid change are...

This webcast provides insights to how nursing services are being utilized by pharmaceutical manufacturers to increase patient education about their therapy and interact with prescribers in order to maximize therapy adherence.  A broad base of nursing resources are...