Roadmap to Recruitment Whitepaper

Don’t let summer slowdowns in patient recruitment cause delays in your clinical trials

Let our Patient Recruitment experts be your guides

Our free whitepaper, “Roadmap to Recruitment” offers a summer read you don’t want to miss. UBC’s fun and friendly team of experts has put together a real page turner, filled with helpful insights and easy-to-follow directions that will put your recruitment goals on the fast track. From our team:


Does your recruitment strategy need re-routing?

“It’s important to gather feedback from sites directly regarding the most common hurdles to patient enrollment. This can be done through referral metrics and reporting 1:1 site assessments, site surveys, and investigator dinners, to name a few.”

How do you overcome roadblocks to recruitment during summer months when patients, healthcare providers, Institutional Review Boards, Ethics Committees, and other stakeholders have holidays scheduled?

“Without careful planning, your study visits could get delayed whilst sites and potential participants work around each other’s availability….”  If your study relies heavily on sites being proactive in reaching out to people who want to learn more and potentially take part in a study, delays in responding to those inquiries can be damaging. The longer the delay, the less likely the respondent is to participate.”

How do you prepare sites over the summer months for increased enrollment that typically occurs in the fall?

"September and October are historically some of the best times for clinical trial recruitment, so it’s time to prepare to take advantage of the coming months. While August may be the time when most people are out of the office, you still need to keep your communications active. Now is the time to prepare sites for an increase in activity when summer ends."


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