Clinical Nurse Educators

Clinical Nurse Educators

Generating product adoption through patient and physician engagement

Clinical Nurse Educators help create a positive impact on the patient journey and brand experience. Our field teams enhance provider knowledge and build brand loyalty through clinician-to-clinician education and training. Our nurses not only engage with prescribers, but they also empower patients. UBC’s Clinical Nurse Educators put patients on the road to success by ensuring they are well-trained on their product, educated on their disease state, and aware of the resources and support services available to them and their families.

UBC Knows

Over the years, the relationship between pharmaceutical sales teams and prescribers has declined. Sales representatives often struggle to obtain face-to-face meetings with prescribers in order to educate them on new products and therapies. Nurses rank as the most trusted professionals in the country and UBC has found that prescribers are more receptive to listening to product information from a trained clinician. Our Clinical Nurse Educators collaborate with pharmaceutical and biotech sales teams to engage and educate prescribers and their staff about the clinical benefits of the manufacturer’s product as well as the services available to support their patients.

Our Clinical Nurse Educators provide:

  • Product and disease education
  • Administration training
  • Healthcare provider support & education
  • Adherence outreach and support programs
  • Participation in national and community level events
  • Peer-to-peer trainings
  • AE/PC reporting

UBC Understands

One size does not fit all. Our field nursing programs are fully customizable to uniquely support our client’s patients, prescribers and products. As part of Express Scripts, UBC is uniquely positioned to leverage and analyze key prescriber data and national trends to help our clients design the most effective field programs.

Our field nursing teams:

  • Are regionally aligned for optimal geographical coverage
  • Can be dedicated to a specific brand and program
  • Are highly experienced across a variety of disease states
  • Are skilled in providing patient and prescriber education and training 
  • Have many years of experience in collaborating alongside pharma sales and brand teams

Commitment to Success

Our Clinical Nurse Educators have built confidence in our client’s brands, brought credibility to their programs, and delivered valuable education and compassionate care to patients and prescribers.

I received a call from one of my brand sales representatives who asked me to get to an HCP office as soon as possible. A newly prescribed patient agreed to wait for me to arrive in order to get her injection training right away. The doctor was on the fence about prescribing the product, but the sales representative was able to demonstrate the responsiveness of our nursing team. The HCP and his staff were pleasantly surprised about how accommodating we were.” – Clinical Nurse Educator

We had a very challenging office with language barriers and an extremely frustrated Medical Assistant. The Clinical Nurse Educator was able to help train the patients in the convenience of their homes and was able to utilize the translation service as well. The Medical Assistant went from saying “no” to our product to being fully confident in our brand. The brand sales representative for this office has also noticed a positive change in her interaction with the office staff as well.” – Pharma Representative

I was able to secure a nursing in-service in a “no see” office for one of my pharma sales representatives. My nursing credibility is a key reason that this office saw me vs. the sales representative.  As a result, the sales rep was able to speak with four difficult-to-reach MDs.” – Clinical Nurse Educator

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