Custom Clinical & Medication Adherence Programs

Custom Clinical Adherence Programs

Ensuring the safe use of medication therapy over the prescribed length of time

Custom Clinical Adherence Programs support your patients’ medication compliance and persistency while building brand loyalty.

Reduce the cost of non-adherence to your product and patients’ health with our customized programs that use proven, innovative tools backed by extensive human behavior research.

UBC Knows

Each manufacturer’s biopharmaceutical product and medical device is unique.  And, so is each patient population.  Our effective, patient-centered approach supports medication adherence through:

  • Effective patient engagement through focused telephone outreach to educate the patient on the disease and drug and to establish expectations for drug therapy
  • Patient Risk Assessment with stratification using our proprietary risk stratification algorithm
  • Outbound patient communications at key milestones of therapy, designed to increase compliance and persistency, based on individual needs identified with risk stratification
  • Reports to physician on individual or aggregated patient basis
  • Comprehensive reporting to manufacturers
  • 24/7 access to registered nurses with our Clinical Support Center
  • Site of Care Administration & Education
  • Rescue Program – patient outreach program or plan customized by disease state and medication
  • Medication Reminders – visual and audible aids to provide convenient reminders, social support, refill coordination, and physician accountability
  • Virtual Coaching – interactive patient education videos

UBC Understands

  • Specialty patients need specialty care.  Our patient adherence programs are designed specifically for each drug therapy and administration.  Our programs increase adherence with:

    • Personalized care
    • Solutions that incorporate patient segmentation and targeted interventions
    • Predictive modeling guides to target interactions and provide simple reminder interventions
    • Risk stratification tactics that enable us to identify patients who are most likely to discontinue therapy
    • Ongoing study of human behavior
  • Knowledge about patient behavior is power.  Backed by Express Scripts’ research and data that comes with filling prescriptions for nearly 90 million members, UBC has the tools to increase therapy adherence and promote healthier outcomes for your patients.

Commitment to Product Success

UBC has launched and administered more than 40 clinical education and medication adherence programs.  These programs have provided us with the knowledge and experience necessary to develop an education and adherence program designed to meet the specific needs of your products and patient populations.

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