Site of Care Services

Site of Care Services

Coordinating clinical services by qualified, registered nurses to patients in homes, medical offices, and clinics across the country

Our Site of Care administration & adherence programs are provided in the home setting and in alternate sites of care, such as the retail pharmacy setting. Experienced Registered Nurses and Pharmacists provide injection training and administration of complex specialty products through our network of credentialed healthcare professionals.

Quality care and convenience are in high demand as access to specialty therapy increases but the number of qualified healthcare professionals decreases. UBC provides access to one of the largest national networks of credentialed healthcare professionals with clinical expertise in a wide variety of administration methods and disease states. Wherever your patients are located, we have experienced nurses and pharmacists available to provide injection training, administration of therapy, and product and disease state education.

UBC Knows

You can build market share for your product with clinical care that administers specialty therapy, trains patients to self-administer, and supports adherence.

Our registered nurses and pharmacists:

  • Provide care in patients’ homes, infusion clinics, and other sites
  • Are educated on program-specific content and must pass a competency test prior to serving on our teams
  • Are specifically trained in the unique administration method and disease state in conjunction with each product
  • Utilize a state-of-the-art database with mapping technology for quick processing of patient referrals and deployment of a trained and qualified nurse or healthcare professional within the patient’s geographic location

UBC Understands

Quality care and education increase prescriber confidence and patient adherence. Each therapy-specific team is staffed with experienced registered nurses who serve as resources for patients, caregivers, and healthcare professionals.

Our clinical services include:

  • Administration or coordination of injections and infusions

    • Infusions and injections of product in the patient’s home or alternate site of care
    • Patent assessment and evaluation for desired outcomes, safety events, infections, and other adverse drug events
    • Execution of REMS with Elements to Assure Safe Use programs
  • Patient education

    • Nursing visits in patient’s home or alternate site of care
    • Product-specific information and administration
    • Demonstration of all skills taught is required by patient or caregiver before completion of visit
  • Outcomes reporting

    • Comprehensive outcomes and utilization reporting for manufacturers
    • Regulatory compliant reporting for REMS and Registries

Commitment to Success

  • For almost twenty years, UBC has established and managed a network comprised of home care providers and injection centers and has delivered training related to more than fifty clinical protocols to more than 22,000 clinicians on behalf of several dozen manufacturers. This has resulted in more than 40,000 protocol trainings which have allowed for more than a quarter of a million patients to receive services since the inception of the network.
  • UBC’s current home care provider footprint consists of approximately 2,000 contracted providers. Through this network, UBC can utilize a UBC-trained clinician within driving distance of more than 90% of the population of the United States. Last year, the network provided services for 19,000 patients.
  • 96% of patients report successful visits with a RN from UBC’s network. Our post-visit satisfaction measurements are specifically designed to capture responses and data that are most meaningful to the individual program design.
  • UBC’s current injection center footprint consists of approximately 3,300 contracted locations allowing access to more than 1000 clinicians trained on UBC injection center protocols. Through this network, UBC has can utilize a UBC-trained clinician in 22 states that permit pharmacists to administer medication via injection. UBC consistently monitors state laws and pharmacist scopes of practice to identify new states to include in the network.

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