Creating new approaches that span the care continuum to advance healthcare and improve the patient experience

UBC’s InnovationLab is a team of ideation consultants, medical communication experts, web designers, and software engineers that specializes in using technology, data, and creativity to design unique clinical and commercial programs.

UBC Knows

The InnovationLab knows that the landscape for data, technology, and user engagement is changing at an ever-increasing rate.  That is why we have a suite of products uniquely incorporated into each solution:

  •  patientpath – engaging patients for education and research projects using the latest technological and operational innovations

    • Access: social media, online advertising, print/TV/radio, advocacy partnerships, alternate sites of care, call center, branding
    • Engage: tools, apps, appointment reminders, training, and education
    • Support: fulfillment, study drug distribution, Patient Concierge program, nurse call center, home clinical nurses
  • siteserv™ – identifying research sites with quality patients and engaging physicians with hands-on, customized support, education, and training

    • Access: association partnerships, site management organizations (SMO) partnerships, UBC & Express Scripts prescribers 
    • Engage: Tools, materials, training, branding, meeting planning
    • Support: referral programs, advertising support, community outreach, remote/risk-based monitoring, nurse ambassadors, REMS, Site Concierge Services, on-site support, Research101 Program™
  • datalink™ – combining data from Express Scripts and UBC, EHR, genomic, and online community partners to provide unparalleled access to patients and providers

    • Access: Rx claims, Dx claims, chart/labs data, patient-reported, genomic, biometric data
    • Engage: pharmacies and clinics, patient communities, physician communities, EHRs, Express Scripts, payers
  • digitaledge™ – adapting the latest technological advancements in web, mobile, and social media to engage patients around their health

    • Access: wireless devices, EDC, portals, web-based tools, telemedicine, e-prescribing
    • Engage: IVR, SMS, social/interactive, MyStudyFinder, websites, apps, communities

UBC Understands

A competitive, ever-changing market requires creative, innovative strategies.  A selection of the most popular client solutions the InnovationLab has designed include:

  • Patient-Centric Studies – combine the industry’s leading digital and health technology solutions with UBC alternative point-of-care solutions to create studies that are designed from the ground up around the patient
  • Disease Management Research – assess the impact of new interventional strategies within your target population by utilizing the latest healthcare platforms and wireless devices
  • Online Patient Communities – provide patients with health management solutions and community support to drive health engagement
  •  Employer-based Studies – conduct richer research studies and wellness programs enabled by pharmacy and medical claims data through Express Scripts employer groups and UBC’s patient services
  • Late Phase Studies & Post-Market Programs – leverage the latest in commercial health technologies and tools to advance the conduct of clinical and observational research programs, registries, and risk management initiatives