Accredo Specialty Pharmacy

Accredo® Specialty Pharmacy

Providing the most advanced product and patient care through an industry-leading specialty pharmacy

As the Pharma Services arm of Express Scripts, UBC delivers supply chain solutions for manufacturers. We partner with Accredo to provide high-touch, personalized care for patients with chronic, complex conditions

Therapies for complex diseases don’t need complex support services. They need a provider experienced in product and patient care, reimbursement services, adherence, and Risk Evaluation & Mitigation Strategies (REMS). As part of the Express Scripts® family, UBC partners with Accredo, a leading specialty pharmacy that offers nearly two decades of experience in specialty pharmacy operations, nursing support, and medication adherence services.

Accredo’s model is designed to support specialty drugs. These drugs can be given by any route of administration (injection, infusion, oral) and are typically used to treat chronic, complex conditions that would require or benefit from at least two of the following criteria:

  • Frequent dosing adjustments/intensive clinical monitoring to decrease the potential for drug toxicity and increase the probability for beneficial treatment outcomes
  • Intensive patient training and compliance assistance to facilitate therapeutic goals
  • Limited or exclusive distribution
  • Specialized handling and/or administration

UBC Knows

UBC knows the most effective, affordable, and high-quality care for complex, chronic conditions involves extensive coordination from a single source. Accredo delivers this care by streamlining services for patients, physicians, health plan sponsors, and manufacturers. Together, we offer:

UBC Understands

Manufacturers and biotech companies are focusing on medications that treat rare conditions. As the specialty market grows, so does your competition. Optimize patient access and provider loyalty with informed decisions surrounding your product’s distribution channel. With proven experience in all distribution models, we can help your product get on the fast track.

Commitment to Success

Accredo is the largest specialty pharmacy in the country, with 31 locations, 260 pharmacists, a national network of 600 field-based specialty nurses, and 160 physician sales team members.

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