Healthcare Reform Consulting

Healthcare Reform Consulting

Navigate the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act with expert guidance

Pharmaceutical and biotech manufacturers need to understand and react to the Affordable Care Act (ACA) in order to comply with new regulations, help their patients take advantage of new subsidies, and provide continued support to financially at-risk patients

The implementation of the ACA has created a dynamic shift in the healthcare marketplace for everyone – especially pharmaceutical manufacturers. Understanding the law’s mandates and opportunities is a full-time job, one that UBC can support. Our team of healthcare reform experts is already providing up-to-date training to dozens of manufacturers and working with companies to provide optimal support to patients.

UBC Knows

Patient Assistance Programs are not going away. We can analyze the patient population for a particular program and make data-driven recommendations as well as provide ongoing consultation. Our experts know:

  • Data is key.
    Using proprietary tools, our analysts can identify opportunities to transition patients from an assistance program to a state- or federal-run exchange or expanded Medicaid program. This data can be refreshed quarterly to ensure patients are directed to the right resource.
  • Patients need help finding and transitioning to alternate funding sources.
    Confusion about healthcare abounds. As a Certified Application Counselor (CAC) organization, UBC can cut through the clutter and provide personalized suggestions for your patients. Our attentive staff can advise patients whether their state has expanded Medicaid levels and walk patients through the application process for Part D Plans (PDP) and the Low Income Subsidy (LIS). UBC can also follow through with appeals as necessary.
  • ACA coverage will not provide enough coverage for all patients. A new population of underinsured patients will need assistance.
    PAPs are changing, but they are not going away. Gaps in coverage can still be filled with manufacturer-funded programs. The UBC team can suggest eligibility requirements that make sure underinsured patients continue to receive the medications they need.
  • Ongoing consultation is important.
    Our dedicated staff monitors the implementation and alterations to the healthcare law. We can provide live and virtual training for your staff, including an overview of the key provisions of the ACA and an outline of each state’s efforts to enact the legislation. We’ll also send out regular healthcare reform news briefings so you can stay abreast of changes.

UBC Understands

The healthcare reform law continues to evolve and manufactures must be responsive. Our staff is in tune with the latest guidelines and can partner with your team to develop short- and long-term plans that maximize patient assistance resources.

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Contact us to talk to our experts about everything related to healthcare reform, from a broad overview of the legislation to a targeted discussion about your PAP.


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