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Making access to therapy faster and easier

UBC Reimbursement Services and Reimbursement Hub Solutions help patients begin therapy faster and reduce patient drop off

Helping patients, caregivers and physicians maneuver the administrative obstacles related to therapy access builds brand and product loyalty while effectively assisting with the management of healthcare costs. We offer a wide range of reimbursement activities, including benefits optimization, prior authorization support, appeal guidance, and patient financial assistance programs.  All of these activities facilitate faster prescription fulfillment ensuring patients get the medication that they need.

UBC Knows

When it comes to your product’s Reimbursement, the tiniest details can mean the difference between speedy payment and significant delays.  Our experienced team of registered nurses, Reimbursement specialists, and patient care advocates guides your product through the complexities of the health coverage system. We navigate barriers that impede timely access to medication, getting your product to patients and helping them remain on therapy.

We provide a centralized referral management process that includes:

  • Single point of contact and data management for all product referrals
  • Experienced senior clearance specialists and reimbursement specialists
  • Assistance to patients, caregivers, and healthcare professionals in identifying coverage
  • Benefits optimization expertise, including:

    • Benefits investigation
    • Prior authorization
    • Appeals process management
    • Alternate funding options
  • Triage of referrals to appropriate specialty pharmacy providers to support timely access to your product
  • Comprehensive data collection and reporting that provides you a frontline view of your patients and physicians
  • Realtime Medical Benefit Management

UBC Understands

Collaboration is key.  We work with you to set best practices to:

  • Streamline referral process, obtain patient release of information, and facilitate physician approval to act on their behalf to triage prescriptions to dispensing pharmacy
  • Provide healthcare provider portals for fast access to patient status of referrals, online referral forms that decrease delays caused by missing information, and secure messaging for efficient and timely communication between physician and Reimbursement staff
  • Forecast market trends and implement provisions related to Affordable Care Act

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