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In Case You Missed It - Pinsonault's Fall 2014 Managed Markets Summit

This week pharmaceutical and biotech professionals gathered to learn and network at Pinsonault’s Managed Markets Summit. The Fall 2014 Summit focused on the key topics in today’s marketplace, including the Affordable Care Act, Health Insurance Exchange, and, of course, Specialty Pharmacy. UBC once again brought our experts to share their knowledge. In case you missed it, our sessions included:

Specialty Pharmacy Contracting
Charlie Bell, Director, New Business Development


Patients Praise UBC Nurses

Whether in a hospital setting or over the phone, nurses play a very meaningful role in the health and well-being of the patients they support.

Our patients’ comments on a recent satisfaction survey were a good reminder that these general learnings are derived from the impact each nurse makes on an individual patient. Based on those responses, we’ve compiled a list of what patients believe make our nurses so valuable:


Let’s Talk About Optimizing Patient Adherence

It’s time we talked about how much revenue is lost due to the increasing trend in medication non-adherence. 

Medication non-adherence results in an average per-drug loss of 36%, and gaining new patients costs pharma an average of 62% more than retaining existing ones.The concern around patient adherence and its impact on brand performance is a growing trend that will only increase over the next several years as the Baby Boomers age and become more impacted by chronic diseases. 

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