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The Current Challenges in Adverse Event Reporting from Social Media

As social media use increases, so do the number of disease and therapeutic resource forums and communication threads. At the same time, pharmaceutical business is moving faster and vigilance legislation is getting tighter to regulate the safe use of medicine. It costs less for a company to perform pharmacovigilance than to pay the fine when not compliant. With this in mind, UBC research scientists sought to investigate the strength of Adverse Events identified via social media.


Non-Standardized Approach to Adverse Event Reporting Creates Challenges for Specialty Pharmacies

One thing is clear – patient safety is top priority for specialty pharmacies and manufacturers.  What’s not as clear is the appropriate process for handling adverse event reports through the specialty pharmacy.  Reasons for confusion – and increased challenges – include:


European Pharmacovigilance & Risk Management: 6 Industry Trends to Monitor

This week, I had the privilege of chairing the 4th Annual Pharmacovigilance & Risk Management Strategies Conference in Amsterdam, Netherlands.  This event struck me as unique because the conversations were not theoretical; we had a room full of professionals who were able to speak from true, tested experience.  We enjoyed debates throughout the day, exploring both sides of many issues with hands-on presenters who are actually working day-in and day-out within their areas of expertise. 

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